Sergio Mendes designer - Sergio Mendes Design

Sergio Mendes found his passion for design when he started to study product design in Aveiro University, in Portugal. Recently based in Dubai, he was born and raised in Porto, a very unique and charismatic city that has an endless feeling of wander and discovery.

He pursued his career in a Portuguese company, integrating the design team of Munna and Ginger & Jagger.


The passionate and inspiring experience he had, allowed him to discover and deepen his instinctive abilities and ways to improve his way of working.​

Being an empath, that experience allowed him to deal with many different worlds- design, craftsmanship, interior design and architecture, which complement his reality and ultimately influence what he creates.

With a creative talent, a love of travel and an eye for details, soon achieved prominence with memorable and provocative work for a broad range of high-end specialty. His design is iconic and elitist.

Always observant and attentive, Sergio became more and more interested in the concept of applying his technical knowledge to his creations always with innovation in his mind.


Sérgio Mendes has worked in the luxury furniture design business for almost a decade, creating iconic pieces and designing for some of the best interior design companies in the business, for projects like hotels, boutiques, etc.

As a luxury furniture designer, he’s able to create unique designs to each project, time permitting.

His background on the luxury furniture business gave him a critical eye to quality and an eclectic, trending and refreshed interior design taste.

There is no better place to implement all of his skills than Dubai, where the variety of cultures and styles unite.

After the years working as a furniture designer and creating pieces for specific interior design projects, having to project furniture pieces that would integrate on a interior concept, he was driven to work on the other side of the business by designing the interiors and fit-outs, and based on the budget and timeline available, purchase directly from available stocks in stores or designing the pieces himself.

From the moment Sérgio moved to Dubai, he has been doing several interior design projects finalizing them as ready-to-move-in homes.  He has always committed himself to deliver high quality results always focused on increasing the property’s value to the maximum expectations by achieving stuning results, appealing comfort and the home-feeling to a given ‘white canvas’. The results have the goal of impacting and connect the client on how he lives and interacts on living spaces.